The Story of Tower

The Tower Financial Strategies brand was born out of Mike's love and passion for aviation and helping people. He stumbled across the idea one day as he was flying his plane through the clouds.

"I was flying through the clouds, and as I looked around, I realized that I couldn't see anything — absolutely nothing! I knew there were other planes out there. I knew there were things that could cause me harm. It's very disheartening if you have anything go wrong on an airplane, and the only thing you have to rely on is air traffic control.

The air traffic controller has the big picture about what's going on in the sky. He can see everything on his radar screen and what's going on out there. He provides that guidance, gives you options to be able to mitigate the risks and hazards in the sky, even sometimes accepting some of the smaller hazards, while ensuring that pilots understand they have options."

The comparison of Mike's experience to what we do as a financial firm helped spark the idea for Tower Financial Strategies. We know that when you're planning your financial future, you want to have options, and understand the risks. We do our best to present those to you, identifying your hazards, showing you alternative routes and options, and allowing you to make educated choices about your future.

We are the traffic controllers
of your financial future.